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Life Thru Hoops Academy is an organization that works in partnership with student athletes, parents, and professional athletes, to achieve the goal of making the correct decisions that will shape these athlete’s futures and careers.  Our team of professional coaches, consultants, and trainers work side by side with families to help execute plans, develop skills, generate opportunities, and maximize potential.  Whether your goal is to increase your basketball skills, qualify for an athletic college scholarship, or earn a contract to compete at the professional level, Life Thru Hoops Academy will help you achieve it. 





Dave Boykin Founder and Director of Life Thru Hoops

Joseph Adzimah (Director of Communications)

Joseph graduated from Seton Hall University with a Bachelors in Business Administration. He’s worked nearly a decade for the US Census Bureau in administration, as a marketing and communications specialist. Joseph brings a ton of experience to our front office

Jamell Cromartie (Professional Skills Trainer and Consultant)

Jamell is currently playing professional basketball in South America.  He’s thrived for over 6 years in Mexico and Brazil.  He brings a plethora of resources and world wide connections to our program.  Jamell is also the founder of JC Connections, which is a high-powered consultant agency which focuses on bridging the gaps between people and opportunities.

Bryant Brabham (Director of Day to Day Operations)
 Bryant played high school basketball at White Plains High School under Hall of Fame coach Spencer Mayfield, where he was a part of some of the best teams in school history.  He has several years of experience in the education field as a counselor, teacher and basketball coach.
Devon Austin  (Professional Skills Trainer and Consultant)
 Devon was a 3-year starter at Manhattan college before turning pro in 2009.  He played 7 years of professional basketball in Europe, before transitioning into a player development coach.  He is a highly decorated and respected ballplayer, who has a passion of spreading his knowledge to the youth.

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