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I have always respected Coach DB as one of the top basketball players that came out of Westchester County. He has a great relationship with today’s basketball players. He provides a fresh approach to skill development and many of his progressions and concepts have helped a lot of players. I highly recommend his service to players of all ages as it should provide many useful tools to make players better.

Tyrone Carver Jr.

Head Boys Basketball Coach
Mamaroneck High School

Ed Manetta
Parent of a player

The Life Thru Hoops Academy has been a key developmental tool for my son over the past two seasons. Under Coach Dave Boykin, not only has his skill level been upgraded but his confidence level as well, which in many cases is more important than the actual skill level. Coach Dave and the program have been great in building teamwork and comradeship. Our family would endorse the Life Thru Hoops Academy 110%!!!

Dawn R
Parent of player

David kept in touch with my son throughout high school year, and even in AAU 0ff-season, offering opportunities for training and team play. His positive coaching style encouraged him to take chances but play smart and always give it his all.

Paul Sarkozi
Parent of a player

Coach Boykin really focuses on the development of his players. I saw my son’s effectiveness on the court markedly improve after playing for Coach Boykin for a season. The coach really cares about his players and maintains a calm, supportive demeanor in even the most stressful game situations. The boys have fun, learn and win!

John Plunkett
Parent of Player

David Boykin is an excellent coach who through his own playing experience and high school coaching gets the most out of his players. He knows the tactics and skills of the game and he is able to communicate through skillful teaching. More importantly, he is an outstanding person who is a great role model for his players. My son has flourished and improved as a result of being in the Life thru Hoops program.

Matthew Sturman
Life Thru Hoops Player

I started playing for coach Dave as a 9th grader for his AAU team. Since then, my playing level has increased dramatically. His ability to translate what we do in practice to game situations has helped my in-game decision making and overall performance greatly. His ability to manage me and so many other players with different strengths and weaknesses is extraordinary. I am very lucky to have him as a coach and will continue to play for him in the future.

David and Devra Bader
Parents of Player

Coach David Boykin has coached my son for several years through his High School and AAU program , and has been nothing short of spectacular for my sons game, maturity and self confidence. Coach Boykin has the rare ability to help a player improve their game and confidence, while at the same time demanding the utmost respect a coach deserves. Most importantly, he is able to accomplish this as his tone and demeanor always remain calm and cool.  It has a been a pleasure to watch him coach my sonju!

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