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Virtual Basketball School

Life Thru Hoops Virtual Basketball School is designed to reach and teach young hoopers from all around the world. Our goal is to deliver world class basketball
lessons for students of all ages and abilities. During this time of social-distancing, our virtual academy will provide the opportunity for eager basketball players to continue learning the game in the comforts of their own courts. LTH is a platform created to increase skill level by incorporating technology and a burning desire to improve.

How it works:

  • LTH Virtual Basketball School memberships includes 4-5 detailed lessons per month (1 per week) that consist of ball-handling, shooting, situational play, and creativity. Students are expected to rigorously practice by imitating and repeating the workouts that are provided to them. Students must show mastery before moving on to the next lesson.
  • Students can upload and send videos of their hard work directly to our instructors. Direct messaging and video conferencing are also available
    with the LTH membership. Each video uploaded will be thoroughly dissected by our instructors, followed by speedy/constructive feedback.

Weekly/Monthly Schedule:

  • A new workout/lesson is posted every Monday morning. Students are required to get in as many reps as possible of this workout throughout the course of the week. Students can ask questions, and send in videos of themselves training at any time throughout the week, to ensure that they are executing the drills correctly. At the end of the week (Friday), students will upload their final videos which show mastery of the skills taught that week.
  • Periodic live virtual clinic jamboree. Students from all around will be able
    join this innovative/exciting virtual workout.
  • There will be opportunities to earn awards such as; baller of the month, most improved, work-horse award, and most consistent.

Fun/competitive weekly contests will be conducted every week which

  • 3-point shootouts
  • Around the World
  • Free Throw Contest
  • Ball-Handling Competitions
  • Hot shot and more!

Membership Details:

  • $75/month- includes 4-5 monthly skill development workouts/lessons uploaded per month (1 per week), speedy weekly feedback from professional instructors, easy communication via direct messaging and video conferencing, and weekly competitive contests.
  • (3) 20-minute weekly constructive critiquing conferences scheduled by appointment. (Additional $25 to monthly fee)

1:1 Live Virtual Training

  • $175/hour session
  • Small group rates available. Contact us for details and pricing.

Membership Details $75/month 4-5 monthly

Membership Details $75/month 4-5 monthly

Membership Details/month + weekly constructive critiquing conferences

Membership Details/month + weekly constructive critiquing conferences

1:1 Live Virtual Training

1:1 Live Virtual Training $175/hour session

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