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Welcome to Life Thru Hoops Prep Academy

Life Thru Hoops Prep Academy is a prep program that is paving the way for basketball instruction and exposure. Our goals at LTH is to help our athletes play at the collegiate level, and prepare them for success at the next level. Our athletic and academic opportunities give our athletes the competency, flexibility, and attention needed to maximize their development and reach their full potential.

Greenburgh, NY

Located in the suburbs, just 26 miles outside of New York City, LTH Academy is strategically located to maximize exposure. There are nearly 200 universities within a 50-mile radius of Greenburgh, and our central location provides easy travel for coaches in nearby states.

Why Life Thru Hoops Post Grad Academy?

Competitive Schedule
LTH Academy will compete in a very competitive prep circuit. We are firm believers that in order to receive an athletic scholarship, you have to play against other scholarship players to show your ability. We want to expose our players to coaches and universities all around the United States. Therefore, we will travel to different regions of the US, to give our players more exposure and a chance to be recruited and promoted in different areas of the country.

Connections and Access to Coaches
In addition to having a database with every college basketball coach in the country, Life Thru Hoops Academy has several coaches and members on the staff with first hand relationships and connections to dozens of schools. We have former collegiate and professional basketball players in our organization who have built solid and dependable relationships with very influential people. All games are filmed, and all home games are live-streamed, which gives our players even more exposure.

Opportunity to Succeed

Winning is always a top priority in competitive sports. However, here at LTH Basketball Academy, our mission is to develop basketball players, give players maximum exposure, and create college athletes. In order to do so, we believe that every member on the team must play and get the chance to showcase their skill throughout the season when possible.

Life Thru Hoops Prep Academy runs from September to April. Our players will compete in over 35+ games, and practice over 15 hours per week! Their skill development will drastically improve, as will their readiness to play basketball at the collegiate level, as long they are fully invested in the work. Our players have a unique opportunity to learn from professional trainers and experienced coaches who have understand what it takes to play at the next level. The mentorship provided from staff is unmatched!

Academic Opportunity

Life Thru Hoops Prep Academy is designed for student athletes who have graduated and completed their high school requirements. We are looking for players who are academically eligible to play college basketball upon entering our program. We are offering unique and profound financial literacy courses from Earn Your Leisure University. EYL University is the #1 Financial educational platform in the world. It is a self-directed educational program which takes a community-based approach to learning. They provide a wide range of resources designed to help students learn real-world skills and, more importantly, execute their life and career goals. Some of these financial courses include but are not limited to:

  • Business Masterminding
  • Career Advancement
  • Credit
  • Estate Planning
  • Insurance
  • Investing
  • Personal Finances
  • Real Estate and more!




LIFE THRU HOOPS PREP  ACADEMY  (Housing Included) LIFE THRU HOOPS PREP  ACADEMY (Housing not included)
$18,000 $13,500
*Housing *Over 35 games
*House Food *Individual Training *Team Practices
*Over 35 games *College Consulting
*Individual Training *Team Practices
*College Consulting



LIFE THRU HOOPS PREP  ACADEMY (Housing not included)

LIFE THRU HOOPS PREP  ACADEMY (Housing not included)

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